Work Safe Advisory Services (WSAS) has the knowledge, experience and skills to bring New Zealand businesses a comprehensive health and safety solution ensuring complete compliance with the new 2015 legislation.

WSAS provide a simple, cost effective Health & Safety compliance system that is easy to implement but will ensure that you meet all of the requirements of the new legislation. Our customisable system is perfect for small businesses but is also scalable for larger enterprises.

Work Safe Advisory Services  (WSAS) is a privately owned company. Please note that we do not have any affiliation with “WorkSafe New Zealand” who are New Zealand’s workplace health and safety regulator and Crown agent.

The company will provide skill, development and learning resources to companies that require Health & Safety as part of their operational functionality. Work Safe Advisory Services will partner with these companies delivering resources that are specific to the Health & Safety environment and customised to meet the culture and values of the organisation.

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